Saturday, April 2, 2011

Karis and Russell's Wedding - Chatsworth Wedding Photography

To start off, this week went by so fast! I had four shoots that started in Chatsworth, back to Santa Barbara, then back to LA for another two days!!! So awesome but so tiring. All that said I would not trade it for anything. The epicness started off with this wedding. It was super awesome and so much fun to shoot. Russell and Karis are two amazing people with an unbelievable love for each other. I shot with my two good buddies Michael Thompson and Willie Kessel who had a blast and loved every second of the wedding, moreover, two guys you should all check out. We all got up early and started the day off at 6:30 AM getting details and getting ready shots. The bridal party was so much fun and did not hold anything back when it came to being dorky and spontaneous, which I personally love. Everything about this wedding was gorgeous and not to mention Russell and Karis made my job easy when it came to the photography. Thank you to everyone involved and congratulations to both families! Without further adieu I give you Russell and Karis's wedding photos. Enjoy!!!
Thank you so much for looking. Again if you want to check out Karis and Russell's Engagements click on the link.



  1. hi! i'm karis's friend from the philippines. i think you did an amazing job with the photos and all :)

  2. Thank you!!! I really appreciate it!! I loved their wedding and they made it easy on me. ;)

  3. Montana,

    These turned out incredible! Thank you so much for capturing their most memorable day perfectly. It was worth fighting the bitter cold for!! haha

    Lisa (one of the bridesmaids)

  4. Thanks Lisa!!! I had a blast!!!! You guys were awesome.