Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ariana & Chris: Ventura Engagements

So. Much. Fun. That is all I have to say about this engagement shoot. Chris and Ariana were such a pleasure to be around. When I first met them I knew I had a cool couple on my hands. They seemed classy with a smig of goofy which is my style.. =) I figured we would go somewhere we had never gone before and make it interesting, which is usually the case for me!! We seriously went out for a couple of hours and just hung out. They had so much fun and by the end of it it never felt like we were on a photo shoot. I cannot wait for their wedding on April 30th!!! Woooohhoooo!! Winners! Enjoy. =)

Thanks for checkin out my stuff!! I always appreciate all the support. Cheers!



  1. Simply amazing! Love the composition!

  2. These are some of your best, in my opinion!!

  3. These pictures are amazing, you really brought out their characters!!!