Monday, November 30, 2009

The Ride Home

I have been editing my brother's wedding and I have come across some of the shots from our flight home from North Carolina and this was one of them..

I don't know why but it just captured my attention. There is something so cool about the inner workings of an airport.. It is truly amazing that we can fly across the country in about 6 to 7 hours with all our little goodies and arrive safely on the other side. This shot kind of explains it all.. All the jets lined up in the rain packing everyone in and the few pulling out.... Soooo Cool!! Love it!

Anyways, I thought this shot should be up here and next time you hear someone complain about it taking too long to get across the country you remind them that they are sitting in a chair in the sky!!! =)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Family Shoot

One more Sneak Peek for everyone today.. Ashley, Brian, and their baby son... What an amazing day! Stay tuned for more

Sneak Peek

This is a Sneak Peek of Toby and Vanessa's wedding I shot yesterday...

For all that know me just a little, I love pictures that move me and give me the chills. Well the second I took this and looked on my screen it gave me goosebumps to which I immediately gave a "Finger Snap".. I love shots that don't have any particular background but are beautiful of the couple. This shot is a perfect example of what I love to see.

Stay tuned for a full post and until then have an amazing day to all that read this!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rob And Kristin's Engagements Full Post

My favorite part of photography is that every couple is different, no one situation is ever the same, and everyday we are inspired differently. Thompson is the man and had me come along on Rob and Kristin's Engagement session to have some fun and prepare them for the Monty because I have the privilege of shooting their wedding. Thompson, being a groomsman in their wedding, referred me.. Amazing!!! Anyways we went out for the sunrise and had so much fun being cold and getting wet but some of these shots are amazing because of it.. Thank you to everyone involved and hope these show the fun we had..
Also go Check out Michael's stuff by clicking on the link... You will see more amazing stuff seriously!! The guy is insane at what he does.. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rob And Kristin's Engagements

Sneak peak of Rob and Kristin's Engagements. Michael Thompson invited me along for some sick stuff.. And this is one of the many!!

Come back for more..!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Picture(s) of The Day"!!

Honestly This is one of the reasons I love Santa Barbra so much...
My friend Emilee Hurlburt texted me and said, "Are you taking pictures of the Sunset it is amazing!!" I looked outside and then looked at Josh Newton ,my roommate and fellow "Sniper" as I like to call us Photogs, (I copyrighted that so don't think you can steal it!!) and said I wish I would pay more attention to this stuff.

Within Seconds I grabbed my camera and took off for the door flying down the steps into my car!!.. Mind you as I was running to the door Josh said, " You're really going?"
My reply: "Yes COME WITH ME!!!!" By the time he had grabbed his camera I was gone.

Well needles to say I got to the beach and was so glad I got there to see some of the beauty that I almost past up.. So here you go!! Thanks Em for the text!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Erin and Nick's Engagements are finally here!!!

Well first off two blog posts in one day isn't too bad.. Anyways on to Nick and Erin. I have known Erin for a while now being that she use to manage my band back in the day which wasn't too long ago. Anyhow, without a doubt being that Erin is a close friend of mine Nick was welcomed not only because of the association ;) but because he is an amazing guy and the two of them fit together like white on rice...(wait that might not have been that good of an analogy).. Anyways, Michael Thompson and I took some sweet stuff and I Can't wait for their big day..!! So here you go Nick and Erin, love you guys and hope you love these as much as I do.!! Have fun with these everyone!

I love this one!!

New photos on the Website!!

My work day started with my brother texting me saying "hey did you realize your website isn't up".. Well needless to say I ran to my computer in a hurry like the world was going to end and found out that my payment never went through. So I paid my bill and got it back up online, YAY!!.

After the fact, I remembered also I had not put any shots up from my brother's wedding that Michael Thompson and I shot a couple weeks ago, I really really wanted to put some pictures up from that adventure. So check it out on my front page and in the wedding gallery. Kinda spruced it up a little. Hope everyone has a good day.