Monday, April 18, 2011

Chicago Shoot Shop!!!

Where: Chicago
When: On June 8th
How many Spots Open: 15
How much: $150

It's time to shoot. Get ready!! Woooooooo. Come join me in Chicago for some awesome shooting and awesome conversations. I want you to walk away with some awesome information about what I do and how I do it. Join me and many others for a ONE DAY shoot shop where I will take you around town with an awesome couple and after it is all said and done we will have an editing party where I will share some of my tips and pointers. We will make it interesting and fun.

Some of what will be covered:
-Learn how I shoot in creative lighting giving your images a personal flare.
-Be one on one with an awesome couple getting into posing, games, making them comfortable, and much more.
-Learn about branding in your images.
-How to challenge yourself with shooting making it interesting every time.
-Have some fun with editing and shooting with your editing in mind.
-Taking a look at your work flow and ways to get your product out faster.
-Fun ways in which to deal with your clients.
-Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity!!!

This is going to be so amazing and I cannot wait to meet all of you and get some one on one time to help you with any questions you may have about your trade!!

There are only 15 spots open in order to make this awesome and still intimate for all of us!!! To register simply click the link below and follow the directions.

Shoot Shop Registration



  1. So COOL!!! What a ROCKING class this is going to be!!! :-)

  2. Thanks Mr. Newton!! I am so excited!

  3. If I was a photog, I would SO BE THERE! :-)

  4. If I was a photographer in Chicago, I would SO BE HERE! :-)

  5. Will you be having anything like this in Santa Barbara? pretty please?

  6. I might it depends on how many people want to come!!!