Saturday, July 31, 2010

Italian Blast Attack

Hi from Italy!!!
So I have some more time to sit and show more from my trip to Italy. So sit back, relax, and grab your favorite beverage. I prefer a tea or even an iced coffee with a little milk and a pinch of sugar.................... or maybe a coke but anyways - Here we go!!!

My grandmother before we left on sunday. She didn't want any photos taken so I decided to go with this one =)

So we got just a little lost only to find out we drove right past it.. So we backed up and and two seconds later pulled up at our nice little yellow house.. Hhhhmmm So much for needing a GPS.

The Locals.

My cousin Even and all his glory!! Get it!

This is my cousin Chloe... She grew up a little.

Our family friend Kristin..

These are our normal faces...

The town of Pisa

I just can't get over how much she looks like the Virgin Mary in this shot... Maybe I am wrong but oh well..

Uuuuuummmm Yes...

On our drive to Lucca

The town of Lucca... So beautiful.. This shot is taken from a main tower in the middle of the city. At the top they have trees growing that hang over the edges and add for an interesting sight from the bottom..

The Tower

And of course I have to take my own shot of an old bike in Italy.. Don't make fun of me for it.. It is just what I do =)

I hope you enjoyed these. I will be posting more soon but for now take care.


Friday, July 30, 2010


So I am in Italy above Florence in a small little town by a lake and I am so glad that I get to share this with you all.. I am loving it... I will be posting more shots soon but for now this will have to do!!! Traveling is truly an amazing thing to experience, it will make you feel smaller than a grain of salt!!! Until a later date - Ciao to all.. Much love

Thanks for Lookin.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Janelle + Andrew

I was practicing Awesomeness on them and this happened. The lighting blew me away and for sure made these shots great.. I just snapped the trigger. Keep an eye out for Michael Thompson's shots by clicking on his name.
Cheers to you two, can't wait to shoot the wedding.

Now that is goodness in a cup!

Thanks for lookin!!!