Thursday, December 2, 2010

Russell & Karis - Santa Barbara

The dictionary definition of "Fist Pump" should have this couple's picture by it.. Russell and Karis loved every second of their shoot with me and blew my mind at how comfortable they were in front of the camera. I told them (Like I tell every couple), "Forget about me and be yourselves".... They did just that and were unbelievably beautiful together. =) Stay classy you two!! I can't wait to shoot your wedding in March..!! It will be here before we know it.. Much love. Enjoy!!

Thanks for taking a look around!! Feel free to leave any comments you like below!! Cheers.



  1. i thought i commented on this blog but apparently i forgot! thank you so much for the fun e-sesh! can't wait till march! everyone's already telling me that our photog is gonna do an amazing job during the wedding. no pressure or anything. ;)