Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sneakin the Peekin

This last weekend was a busy one!! Go Team! These are my Blastographs!
It began with Pam and John.

And moved to a far off land in the middle of the ocean!

More to come.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sneak Peekers!!!

Jonathan and Sarah's Wedding!! More to come!!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Steve Bartell's Graduation

This guy!!! Steve Bartell is one of my good friends from back home. Our story is strange, which I won’t bore you with, however, how we became better friends is the best part.---- As a side note his father was my home school teacher for most of my life, just a little tid bit for you.---- We saw each other one day in Costco back home, Lancaster California, and realized that we went to the same school, UCSB. After that I was always pulling Steve out of his lab making him go to campus point to take a breather to watch the waves and enjoy Santa Barbara while he could.

As he got closer to graduation and my interest in photography grew, I thought it would only be right to shoot his graduation as my way of giving something in celebration of his achievement. Well hop forward a year later as I am nearing my last day as a college student I decided it was time to get those shots done and send them off to him. WOW what a bad friend. Lol

All of this said going over such a huge day of someone’s life and having it all on film was amazing. It made me realize how awesome my job is. Being that I am close to Steve and his family, these images also meant a lot to me.

I decided to put up just a few to show you how awesome it was to spend such an incredible day with close friends.

Steve waving to his parents before he went up to receive his diploma.

I left this one in color because black and white just doesn't do it justice! Raaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwlllll!!!!!!!

Steve and Mr. Bartell.. Awesome

The now newly weds!!!

I think this one melted my heart a little.

Awesomeness in a cap and gown.. I'll be there soon.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jessica and Jason Engagement Session

Jessica and Jason are seriously troopers… Anyone that has shot with me, so far, knows that I love to shoot somewhere different every time. It makes me create differently every chance I get and gives the couple something personal and unique. I may not always be able to do this but I try my best. ;) Anyways, I took them a couple random places that were pretty cool, one of which Jessica went hiking in “Heals”.. Therefore, she is an awesome girl in my book!!

The three of us had a blast on a beautiful Friday in Santa Barbara taking tons of shots in awesome places. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding up in Paso Robles in April, it is going to be so beautiful. I hope these give you a taste of how cool they were to work with!!
Love it!!! =)

I think this one has to be my favorite!! Love it.

Thanks Jessica and Jason you guys are going to be amazing to work with.!
And to everyone else thanks for lookin!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Jessica and Jason Sneak Peek

One Word: Awesome!!!
Done and Done.

Stay Tuned


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Definitions of Man

When taking a look through the dictionary you may come across a word that reads: “Man”….. Now, after you read that word visualize what comes to mind. Maybe the Marlboro Man, The Hulk, Optimus Prime, Clint Eastwood, Steve Jobs, Kermit the Frog, and lastly perhaps your dad.! Well when I thought about it this Man came to mind!!! Ya Michael Thomspon… I am not going to explain this first picture but I know the last one is his new profile picture.

Check list for the day:
-Have fun (Check)
-Eat some Cereal (Check)
-Take pictures of a Man (Boom Boom Pow Check)

This is how we do it!

Finger Snap
Bye for now.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

!!!Another D-land Excursion!!!

My Favorite Place on Earth!!!!! I wish I could spend every day there.. Well ok not everyday…. But every second! =) Disney Land is the place where, even in old age, you can enjoy it because it brings the kid out in you.. (I know you are thinking geez Montana I have heard this so many times Blah Blah Blah Blah… Stop talking..) But once I hit those gates it’s a whole new game! I turn into a “Ultra Kid Monster”.. Pirates of the Caribbean is always the first ride Nicole and I go on no matter what and if anyone says, "Nooooooo that ride stinks..!!". Well you have another thing comin, like a 'back paw slap' from a puppy (because that’s the only thing that could be the most degrading in Disney Land) and or maybe some ice cream smashed on your head.! Ok not really but still, the best ride to open your journey.

This was a trip Nicole and I took a little bit ago but I forgot to post some of the shots. I love it. Isn’t she pretty?..... I think so. ;)

Well enough Jibber Jabber.

Gorgeous.. =)

I love this one so much, we probably looked like creeps off to the side laughing on our own but I don't care..!

Ok Bu Bye!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Going Horse?

You may be wondering why this picture even exists or, more importantly, why there is someone on a motorcycle wearing a horse mask. Well I will tell you…. Oh wait, no I’m not. All I have to say is that this mask will be in some upcoming shoots. So pay attention because you are going to get blasted by some Raw Horse Power.

Now I have to clear the air a little bit…. Ok good I cleared it. Now on another note I got this inspiration form Jeff Newsom. However, I am not Jeff Newsom and, well, anyone can go out and buy a horse mask to hove fun with it for that matter. And that is exactly what I did and am going to do!! =) Jeff is the man!

I will be posting a project that I am doing for my class as the last assignment, and yes you guessed it, this mask will be used. I am two weeks away from being done with College!!! WOW what a trip.. So stay tuned for more fun and ‘weird-osity’!