Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ariana & Chris: Casa de San Julian Wedding

I want to start off by saying this job just does not get any better. Photographing these two people was so awesome. I will keep the words to a minimum and let the photos tell the story!! Thank you so much to everyone involved, especially Juliana at Casa de San Julian. I really want to thank my team of awesomeness, Michael Thompson and Nicole Corrales, they are two amazing people that deserve recognition!! Much love! Also, thank you so much to Chris and Ariana for hiring me and making these pictures beautiful.
Thanks for looking at my work!! I always appreciate it! If you want to see their engagement shoot click on the link.



  1. Outstanding photos of an outstanding couple!!! =)
    Enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Thanks Neda!!! And do not worry I remember your name!!! hahahahah

  3. Your photos are almost as beautiful as you my friend. Ok...they are much prettier than you...but that's only because I still picture you wearing a horse head mask. All that to say...great job buddy!

  4. Thanks Leif!!! You are beautiful and that is all that matters to me..!!! Hahahahaha

  5. love them~!!!!!!!!!

  6. i was so touched by the fotos, esp. raul and arianna embracing. what a lovely couple chris and arianna make.. thanks for sharing these, johanna. send more. regards,

    lola/tita cora rodriguez

  7. when i get married...