Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last Day in Italy and Sneak Peek

I wanted to, in a way, finish off some of the trip for those of you that were following along. Some of these pictures come with some story so if you can take the time to read it please do. So take a look at some of the Italy shots and at the end you will find some Sneak Peeks...
Last day at Lake Gramolazzo.. Such a beautiful day.
Some of the sweetest people you could ever meet inside the pizzeria that we ate at everyday.
One of the owners, who's name is Reno (I am not sure how he spelled it but it will do), and the ladies.

Now a short story. One of the days Kristen was siting on the dock and came back to the house with a feeling that she had encountered someone that we should keep our eye on. She said this man offered her a drink and tried to talk to her but obviously she doesn't know the language so she couldn't really understand what was going on. (I don't mean to paint a picture that seems to be creepy but I want you to get the gist of where this is going in our minds as we are hearing this)
A couple days later Kristen and I were sitting on the dock talking when this man that she had described walked down the dock and sat down with us. Oh and by the way his name is Hannibal =).... Needless to say Hannibal started to talk to us in Italian which we were doing our best to understand and figure out what he was trying to tell us. He kept saying, in Italian, "Meditazione" while pointing to the sky and the mountains to north. You can imagine at this point this man is no longer a threat in our minds but just an older man that loves to sit and enjoy some of his day by looking out over this beautiful landscape. As he keeps describing his "Meditazione" he mentions something about his Wife/Moglie while saying "Molto Bella"/very beautiful.
.... For the most part Kristen and I were lost at this point so we kindly would nod and smile. Eventually he got up and left. Later on we met three wonderful people that were from England and in a way they opened up their house to us for many dinners and great conversations. **** I know that this is a lot to read but hang in there with me... In a round about way Hannibal's name came up and we asked who he was and what he did. They then informed us that they didn't know exactly what he did but he was an older gentleman that had lost his wife a year before. *(Flash back to the Dock) Hannibal was trying to tell us that this was his way of being with his wife everyday and he kept saying that when he sees the beautiful scenery it reminds him of her................... Now look at him and tell me that that doesn't bring a little tear to your eye. Every time I tell it I get choked up like a little baby.
I love this shot. Vittoriano on the right with the pizza pan holding up a peace sign. Another one of the sweetest men we met.
Some of Florence!!!
Mmmmmmmm Ice Cream
Even took this shot of me that night. Thanks bud!!
Some of the street art that was being made.. I could have sat for hours and watched them.
At the airport waiting for the doors to open at 4 in the morning with no sleep. So much fun.
Now for the Sneak peeks.
Nick and Leah's mini Engagement session and Wedding the next day. Stay tuned.
Ryann and Natalie's family session. Can't wait to make a bigger post about each of these.
Thanks for taking the time to look.


  1. you rock my world. i love 'em. all.

  2. My goodness! I love them. And you are right, Hannibal is such a sweet and loving man. I think I kind of came to the same conclusion you did when I heard about his wife (and that is a great shot of him...really does catch the "essence" of Hannibal :-) ). Thanks for the beautiful photos and commentary. ~Kristen

  3. monty!! luvvvv these!!! makes me want to get on a plane and fly to italia today!!!