Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cinque Terre Excursion

At Last!!! Cinque Terre!!! What a neat place to say I have seen, though you cannot see it all in one day.. It will be one of the places that I come back to many times over to see all the nooks and crannies.. These are some of the shots that we got from that day and hopefully they treat your eyes well.. Well they better or else I am not doing my job well.. =)

European traffic jamb

More of the locals spreading the love around.. I love it!!

Raw Even.... Basically Even at his finest... ;) (by the way Even graduated from VMI one of the most prestigious military schools on the East Cost, he's the man)

You can have all of this!!! Majestic I think.

Even doing some work on my 5DII.

"Cinque Terre" One of the five cities along the cost. Beautiful

Chloe thought that she had to squeeze in for the shot.. hahahahha Love it.

It is so cute when he tries to play hide and seek with me. He can never figure out why I always find him.. =)

Same with her.

Love this.

I am in Love with this shot..

"Fish Face"

As we were swimming today the lighting became amazing as the clouds came over the valley. I ran up to the house to grab my camera and took some pretty cool shots.. These are just too awesome not to post... I hope everyone thinks the same.




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