Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dustin and Vicky's Engagements

I am going to start by saying get ready for the biggest post ever!!! Okay now that that is said… Man that is off my chest. Okay Okay.. All joking aside but not completely to the side, Dustin and Vicky are, without a doubt, the most awesomest triple fantastic x 2 people ever… hahaha Yup…

I have known them for years and seen them grow as a couple and as Christians through bad and good times. When they asked me to shoot their wedding you have to know that I was going crazy. I mean how awesome is it to say that I have shot my brother’s wedding and now get the privilege to shoot some of my best friends’ wedding… So without anymore interruptions here are some of the many shots we got.. I hope you guys and Enjoy!!

Inspiration - Shadows. Other inspirations - read my last post.

Yes they are lying on the ground running over shadows... That is just how we do it!!

Ok I promise this is the last shot.. =)

Thank you Dustin and Vicky for being willing to make some art with me!!!


  1. montana, i love the art you guys made! especially the one with shadows. so cool!

  2. AMAZING Monty! ur moving to a new level! luv it!