Thursday, May 20, 2010

Katy and Gabriel's Wedding

It gives me such pleasure to introduce to you “The Katy” and “The Gabriel”.. Their wedding was none stop fun and interesting from the get-go. Michael Thompson and I were having a blast getting to know their whole family on Saturday. Not to mention about 90% of the crowed only spoke Spanish, also 1% of the people (Thompson and I) didn’t know Spanish =). The party didn’t stop after the ceremony it came with a force and lets just say they had a fiesta of epic proportions.!!! So with that said I will let the images speak for themselves.. I had an amazing time and thank you to Katy and Gabe for giving me the opportunity to shoot..!! Enjoy.

Nice Thompson.. Get it.

And to end on a serious note.. Love it!..

Thanks for lookin.


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