Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My friends!!!! and Only my friends!!!!

I thought that I would do a post on the coolest people in my life considering I spend most of my time with them or hanging out with them.... Wait I think that is the same thing =).. Anyways they deserve some of this airspace too because I wouldn't be who I am without them. They have played key roles in my development and I want to share them with you like I own them but not really because you cannot do that anymore due to laws against it. hahahahaha So get ready for the ride of a life time.. Ok maybe not a ride but more like the privilege to set eyes on such amazing people.. Ok I am done.
To start off, and mind you to be brief to a story that could never end, the great.... the one and only.... Tim Knittel... This man has been with me all the way through thick and thin, rain and shine, a Chevy Suburban and Hyundai Elantra, and also eaten me out of a lot of chicken!!! Therefore, he is a dude that can't be reckoned with. Moreover, that is why I picked the most manly shot ever.. We grew up playing soccer together at which point Tim felt so sorry for me, because I was the dorkiest kid on the soccer team, that he would become my friend to make my life a little bit more tolerable. Doesn't that sound like the best start to an amazing friendship..?

He also asked me once, "Montana, what do you think will be your first dance song at your wedding?" To which I replied, "That's not something that a guy asks another guy." (we were painting shelves by the way... =) Oh ya, get it son!!! Love yu Timmy Boy!!

No he will not disappear in his "giant tube" but his name is Mario and he plays a mean bass line. He is also probably one of the funniest people I know.. We grew up playing music together which we recently reminisced about and felt like old men in our exceedingly old age of 24 and 25, ya I know we are lame. We have spent many of our nights together laughing so hard at something that wasn't worth laughing at (Youtube videos- Panda sneezing, the juggernaut, and model falling on the runway, weird noises, and well... just a facial expression). Hey, but we came out with nicer abs than anyone in town due to our "Supers" (what we call it when we laugh so hard you can't breath and or resort to wheezing)... Love this guy with everything!!

Mario + one... One = Mandie Pandie... Mandie is Mario's sidekick, his Robin to Batman, his Superboy to Superman, his cheese to macaroni, his pepperoncini to a sub sandwich, is "pow" to his super kick!!! Oh ya, Mandie Pandie is just that awesome! She is probably one of the coolest girls that loves coffee as much as I do. Did someone say Starbucks?

The Newton..... Ya Josh Newton.. Love this guy.. I wouldn't be where I am right now, literally right now writing this blog, without him. Through a series of events I moved in with him and started photography and I owe it all to our sarcastic "Blasty blast" of a friendship.... We love cereal and frisbee, we are kind of like dogs. Oh and I think that at this moment in this shot Josh is on cloud nine because he has two iPhones in his hands. I think his mind is exploding with JOY. Also, we often times wear the same attire because we are great like that. ( if you had a shot of me when I was taking this, you would see a mirrored reflection except a little more hairy ;] )Love yu Josh and thanks for the inspiration.

And last but not least, M. Tomp-a-lomp, much like M. Night Shyamalan but way more manly... Some how I do not know how this picture has not surfaced sooner but I guess there is no time like the present.. We call this the "EL GATO".... He has the reflexes of giant horse, the speed of a Shark running through the water, and the precision of bowler hitting his or her third strike or turkey as we so often call it. This guy is the man. He can consistently make me laugh and can quote Dane Cook and Will Ferrell like there is no tomorrow. I often think that when we go on shoots together that we have way more fun than the couples do.. So sick, keep up the awesomeness..POW POW!!!

And thats it for this post... I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the people in my life that mean a lot to me. It's great to have this job but it is easy to forget about the ones that have been there throughout it all. So I hope this inspires some to write more about the people that mean a lot to them. =)
Toodlie Noodlies.


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