Monday, April 26, 2010

Jason and Jessica's Wedding

Jason and Jessica are married!!! Whooooohhoooooo!!! Talk about awesome people. I loved every moment of this wedding. It was so small and intimate allowing me to really meet everyone and truly feel comfortable capturing two peoples lives on film. Through all the laughs and jokes I know that these pictures will, without a doubt, show both families and there love for Jessica and Jason. My job is amazing in the fact that I have the opportunity to be around two families for a couple of days and really get to capture them in their true form, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I actually got to say good bye to everyone there and thank them for the opportunity to photograph such an amazing couple. I had as I call it “A Blasty”… I hope all of you enjoy these.

Congrats both of you!!!! Now on to the “Ga Ga Ga… Graphs”.
Thanks to Eric Conwell for this shot.

Thanks for lookin.


  1. effin ROCK!! I LOOOOVE the second to last one. soooo great.

  2. So amazing! They are absolutely gorgeous!