Thursday, March 18, 2010

Steve Bartell's Graduation

This guy!!! Steve Bartell is one of my good friends from back home. Our story is strange, which I won’t bore you with, however, how we became better friends is the best part.---- As a side note his father was my home school teacher for most of my life, just a little tid bit for you.---- We saw each other one day in Costco back home, Lancaster California, and realized that we went to the same school, UCSB. After that I was always pulling Steve out of his lab making him go to campus point to take a breather to watch the waves and enjoy Santa Barbara while he could.

As he got closer to graduation and my interest in photography grew, I thought it would only be right to shoot his graduation as my way of giving something in celebration of his achievement. Well hop forward a year later as I am nearing my last day as a college student I decided it was time to get those shots done and send them off to him. WOW what a bad friend. Lol

All of this said going over such a huge day of someone’s life and having it all on film was amazing. It made me realize how awesome my job is. Being that I am close to Steve and his family, these images also meant a lot to me.

I decided to put up just a few to show you how awesome it was to spend such an incredible day with close friends.

Steve waving to his parents before he went up to receive his diploma.

I left this one in color because black and white just doesn't do it justice! Raaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwlllll!!!!!!!

Steve and Mr. Bartell.. Awesome

The now newly weds!!!

I think this one melted my heart a little.

Awesomeness in a cap and gown.. I'll be there soon.


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