Thursday, March 4, 2010

Going Horse?

You may be wondering why this picture even exists or, more importantly, why there is someone on a motorcycle wearing a horse mask. Well I will tell you…. Oh wait, no I’m not. All I have to say is that this mask will be in some upcoming shoots. So pay attention because you are going to get blasted by some Raw Horse Power.

Now I have to clear the air a little bit…. Ok good I cleared it. Now on another note I got this inspiration form Jeff Newsom. However, I am not Jeff Newsom and, well, anyone can go out and buy a horse mask to hove fun with it for that matter. And that is exactly what I did and am going to do!! =) Jeff is the man!

I will be posting a project that I am doing for my class as the last assignment, and yes you guessed it, this mask will be used. I am two weeks away from being done with College!!! WOW what a trip.. So stay tuned for more fun and ‘weird-osity’!


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