Wednesday, March 10, 2010

!!!Another D-land Excursion!!!

My Favorite Place on Earth!!!!! I wish I could spend every day there.. Well ok not everyday…. But every second! =) Disney Land is the place where, even in old age, you can enjoy it because it brings the kid out in you.. (I know you are thinking geez Montana I have heard this so many times Blah Blah Blah Blah… Stop talking..) But once I hit those gates it’s a whole new game! I turn into a “Ultra Kid Monster”.. Pirates of the Caribbean is always the first ride Nicole and I go on no matter what and if anyone says, "Nooooooo that ride stinks..!!". Well you have another thing comin, like a 'back paw slap' from a puppy (because that’s the only thing that could be the most degrading in Disney Land) and or maybe some ice cream smashed on your head.! Ok not really but still, the best ride to open your journey.

This was a trip Nicole and I took a little bit ago but I forgot to post some of the shots. I love it. Isn’t she pretty?..... I think so. ;)

Well enough Jibber Jabber.

Gorgeous.. =)

I love this one so much, we probably looked like creeps off to the side laughing on our own but I don't care..!

Ok Bu Bye!!

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