Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Picture(s) of The Day"!!

Honestly This is one of the reasons I love Santa Barbra so much...
My friend Emilee Hurlburt texted me and said, "Are you taking pictures of the Sunset it is amazing!!" I looked outside and then looked at Josh Newton ,my roommate and fellow "Sniper" as I like to call us Photogs, (I copyrighted that so don't think you can steal it!!) and said I wish I would pay more attention to this stuff.

Within Seconds I grabbed my camera and took off for the door flying down the steps into my car!!.. Mind you as I was running to the door Josh said, " You're really going?"
My reply: "Yes COME WITH ME!!!!" By the time he had grabbed his camera I was gone.

Well needles to say I got to the beach and was so glad I got there to see some of the beauty that I almost past up.. So here you go!! Thanks Em for the text!!

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