Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Erin and Nick's Engagements are finally here!!!

Well first off two blog posts in one day isn't too bad.. Anyways on to Nick and Erin. I have known Erin for a while now being that she use to manage my band back in the day which wasn't too long ago. Anyhow, without a doubt being that Erin is a close friend of mine Nick was welcomed not only because of the association ;) but because he is an amazing guy and the two of them fit together like white on rice...(wait that might not have been that good of an analogy).. Anyways, Michael Thompson and I took some sweet stuff and I Can't wait for their big day..!! So here you go Nick and Erin, love you guys and hope you love these as much as I do.!! Have fun with these everyone!

I love this one!!


  1. SICK shots dude...these freakin' rock! Thanks again for lettin' me tag along and shoot with ya man.

  2. the one where hes little and shes kissing him is fab! you lined it up perfectly!