Monday, December 6, 2010

The Burch Family - Santa Barbara

I have to say that this was an ultimate slam dunk Burch Family win!!!! I love these people so much!!! I have known their family for a while now and had the chance to see the little ones grow up just a teensy bit. =) I feel privileged to say that they have seen me grow as a photographer and as a christian.. The weather had postponed our shoot for a couple weeks but finally let up so that we could get some pretty cool stuff.. Shannon and Walter were a blast and Olivia and Emma were fun to follow around for the day.. Also, I have to say thank you to my friend "Mandie Pandie" for coming along and helping out!! Love love and more love.. Cheers you guys!!!

Thanks for taking a look through and enjoying!!! Take care..


  1. looks great!!!!!!! you are a great creator of photos!!!!!

  2. Beautiful of course! Good job Montana! :)

  3. Montana Montana Montana!!! Wow! Falling in love with you, I mean your work more and more and more!! These are amazingly beautiful! Well done!

  4. AH! That is the valet lot they use for my grandparents' hotel on Cota! Ha, I know that lot well :) And when was this? Is the pic of the girl through the window at the Starbucks on the corner? I might have seen you...