Friday, October 15, 2010

Virginia Beach Visit

About a month ago I got to go spend some time over in Virginia with my brother and sister in-law, Johnhouston and Chelsea.. It is awesome getting time with the fam once and a while!! It was also Joshnhouston and Chelsea's one year anniversary a couple days ago..!!! (I know I am late on this post)* Congrats you two. I love you guys and here are a couple from my trip over there. Also the other addition to the family is called "Radar Dennis"... Probably one of the smartest dogs I have ever had the chance to spend time with.

One of my favorites from their wedding that I got to capture among all the rest..!!!
Thanks for takin a look around.
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  1. these are great. i love the one of the dog looking over the legs with the ear classic. i gotta say....i think i liked your old logo better

  2. Interesting..How so?. I may write a blog about it and see what everyone says..