Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Erin & Nick

I have to say that this was another one of those weddings where I felt honored that one of my good friends would ask me to shoot her big day. Erin has been a part of my friends and my life through our early dreams of making it big as a band. She was there at every show selling T-shits and stickers as we would take the stage and play for our home town. When she met Nick all of us in the band were so happy that she met someone that treated her right and was a good hearted person in all that he did.

When it came time to shoot the wedding it was so awesome to be trusted with their day because I knew how much it meant to both of them. Erin told me that the photography was the most important part of their wedding so you have to know that I felt special being there after all those years of friendship. My buddy of "Awesomeness", Michael Thompson, shot with me and destroyed it!!! We had fun going off the beaten path afterwards for the portrait session and found a new love for some of the spots you can find out in the dessert. So here you go. Check it out!! Erin and Nick everyone.

Thanks for takin a look around.
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