Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lindsey and Oliver's Wedding Full Post

Lindsey and Oliver got married at the Condors Nest Ranch right outside Fallbrook California. This place was amazing, probably a new favorite spot. For anyone interested in getting married there click on the link and check it out!!! Soooooooo awesome. Also, I have to say that Lindsey and Oliver picked an amazing florist that not only creates beautiful arrangements but also is as passionate about her job as I am mine, truly amazing to work with. Bethany Hawley Falefitu is a true artist and styled their table arrangements beautifully as well as Lindsey’s and the brides maids’ bouquets. Check her stuff out and leave some love for her. She is definitely doing my wedding when that day comes.

The wedding day was a little hot but the crew got through it. Michael Thompson and our friend Russell came along for the ride and shot some rad stuff with me. We sweated our rears off but at the end of the day the stuff we got proved to be worth it just like every wedding I get the privilege to be a part of. So without further ado here is Lindsey and Oliver’s wedding!!!!!! Enjoy.

Thanks for takin a look around.


  1. great job bud, you freaking nailed it

  2. Good gracious you're talented. POOL PHOTO!!! FAVORITE EVER!!!

  3. You my friend are the one that is truely amaizing!! God has given you a gift Montana, thank you for sharing it!! And yes I will be doing your wedding for sure!!! By the way your someday bride is adorable!!!
    Thank you Montana for the blog love!!