Friday, February 19, 2010

Lindsey,Oliver, + Stan the Man = AWESOME and a Half!

Lindsey and Oliver are good friends of mine and let me tell you we could have taken more pictures than we did.. Well at least I could have! They flew me up to Oregon to take their Engagements and it was nothing short of spectacular.. I had such a hard time choosing the shots to go up on the blogster. There were so many fun moments with awesome people. Oh and the scenery wasn't that bad either (Cough... it was beautiful). So here you go these shots are " 'Awesome' in a Doritos bag with dip and a drink"!!! Enjoy!!

Uuuuuummmmm... Ya that happened....

Thanks for lookin!!



  1. WOW, MONTANA!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! And What FUN!!! :-)

  2. the best blog in the history of everything!!!!! I can't stand it! My mind is blowing up at this very instant at the incredibleness of this incredible blog! The world's best blog in the entire world. My socks have been ripped off by the insane goodness featured on this blog. I'm loosing my mind with happiness due the the joy this bloggy blog fills my life with everyday forever. With this blog and my beard,. nothing can go wrong. But if i only had Montana's beard, I would be free!!! Freedom! Freedom to have the knowlegde of the best beard in all of man kind. Montana is a mankind. I am reading this blog like nothing I've read before. It is good. It is SO powerful. It is insane with groove. It is packed full of jam. Jam packed with fantastic.

  3. WHAT!? freakin' awesome man! first time i've seen your work and am blown away by these images. glad i found you... about to check out everything else you got goin' on here and on your site. hope to be in touch and stoked to see future posts :)