Monday, February 8, 2010

Chris and Rachel

First post in a while. Hi EVERYONE.. YAY!! I am back on it.. School is coming to a close (I am about to graduate) and my wedding season is on the verge of starting!!! Can't wait!

Chris and Rachel were a great couple. Josh had me go along on the engagement shoot a while ago but I am just putting these up..!!! Dang I am slow. =) My last post was a teaser but I guess the tease just got a little too drawn out. So anyways here are some of the photos that I grabbed.

And these last three are my favorite of the bunch. They are so intimate and so real to me. I love it!!

And lastly, I have recently enrolled myself in a photography class at UCSB seeing as it is my last quarter and I have realized how much more artistic I could be in the realm of photography. We have been doing all these projects and I have started pushing myself to think outside of the wedding world that I live in. There is so much art out there and so many interesting ideas to be thrown around that I have found a new respect for those that are purely artistic with photography. Those that shoot abstract art, using everything down to the human form, think in a completely different way than I ever thought I would be introduced to (outside of shooting weddings and admiring Jeff Newsom of course) =).

Anyways long story short I am going to start posting some of the projects I am doing, let me know what you think and don't be afraid to tell me it stinks or you don't like it, that is the only way to grow as an artist.!!!! Happy looking!

This project was about going out and hunting down those toys that were inconspicuously living out their dreams without us ever knowing. Toys just want to have fun and why shouldn't they.. Toys in real life.

Lego men work long days and they should be appreciated too.

Yup that's Josh takin his balloon out for a stroll.

Hi Thompson!!

See yu


  1. Love the toy pictures!!!


  2. AWESOME!!! I LOVE your wedding stuff AND your non-wedding stuff!!! You'll have as much to teach your class as to learn. Nice work!!! :-)

  3. The one with the army men literally made me laugh out loud. Good luck with the photo course!

  4. wow! Pictures!
    With this blog and the pleasure Montana's manhair brings into my life, i will cry no more