Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Erika + Will : Napa Valley CA

I am so tempted to tell you to scroll down. So I will. Scroll down to see a lot of 2011 and some 2012. Enjoy.
Thanks for checkin out the blog!!! There should be a Best of 2011 coming soon!!



  1. freakin' rad dude! If I could turn the clock back to 1999 I'd have you shoot our wedding...except you were probably in Jr. High so maybe not...

  2. Thanks Guys!!!! I appreciate it.. And Leif if you want to recreate your wedding we could do it with a certain theme, in the spirit of the Avengers, in mind and blow it up.. But it makes me sad, well, because I know it will never happen.. =(

  3. SO AWESOME!!! :-)