Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tory & Chris : Santa Barbara Fess Parker Wedding

Lovely as all get out!!!! I wish I could Hashtag these. =) Enjoy
Thanks for your time. If you want to see Their Engagements click the link.. =)



  1. Your photography is so beautiful! (I was a guest at the wedding and knew your work was awesome so was looking forward to seeing the wedding photos) I wish you could do my brother's wedding this November!

  2. Thank you so much Sharon!!! I appreciate it so muuuuucccchhh!!! Well does he have a Wedding photographer yet?

  3. Love the photos! You captured the essence of Tory and Chris, their love, and that very special day. I can't wait to see the rest; one of the ones you displayed at the reception already has a place waiting for it on my wall. (By the way, very cool that you did that-showing some of the photos that very night for the guests to see.) Thanks for taking such good care of Tory and Chris!

  4. Montana I am pretty close to balling right now :) More than words can say.. you truly nailed it, amigo :) thank you so much!!

  5. haha, bawling I mean...

  6. You outdid yourself Montana. Each wedding you shoot you become more skilled and sensitive to your subjects, the day, and what the "feel" of their unique personalities and relationship. You have a true gift. Keep on keeping on! See you soon!