Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sam & Jaelani's Wedding- Portland Oregon

Such an awesome day!!! I had the pleasure of meeting Sam and Jaelani through Jaelani's sister, Natalie. I flew up to Portland Oregon to meet them before their big day and had some fun noodling around Portland seeing the sights. Though it was a little rainy we did not let it stop us from creating "pure awesomeness and a halfness".. =) The mood of Portland was even carried out through their wedding site, one of the coolest venues, called Davis Street Tavern. It gave them such a warm and interesting setting to get married in. The wedding party and guests were laid back and had a fun time giving me some pretty awesome stuff to shoot. So without making this post too much longer I will say thank you to everyone that put the event together and to all the viewers, enjoy!
Thanks for looking!!!



  1. Love it!!! :-)
    Nice work, Montana!!!

  2. dude....every post gets better and better. you blow my mind. keep it up

  3. First off AMAZING work as always! Second, YES awesomeness with getting the photo reflection from the mirror into the camera lens! Third, I love that you used that farm picture to make another picture! Fourth....did I already say I love your work? Fifth...i can keep going on & on & on....

  4. hahahah Aaron thank you! Natalie you are hilarious!!!