Monday, November 22, 2010

Santa Barbara Engagements: Nikki & Marshall

I am looking forward for next year when I get to see these two on their big day!! The day started off with rain clouds and the chance for some umbrellas (which I was super excited for) but Santa Barbara pulled through for Nikki and Marshall as we started the shooting. If you have ever been to Santa Barbara you know that the air here is always awesome but it was extra crisp after all the rain the night before.. I took them around some pretty cool spots and had so much fun shooting that eventually I had to stop myself because I could have kept going. (Hence they were making it easy on me!!!!) I hope that everyone enjoys these, I have to say that they made these pictures beautiful. I am so happy that I get the chance to shoot another fantastic couple!!! I love my job and I thank God everyday for it!!! ;)

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Take care and have an Awesome Thanksgiving!



  1. Montana, these are awesome! Nikki, you look beautiful, nice scarf! :)