Friday, January 8, 2010

First Off

The New Year has started off well, school started and is moving fast. So below are just a couple shots that were taken the night of the 31st, New Years Eve. I thought you guys would enjoy them considering they are awesome!!! Anyways I am noting going to write about my New Years Resolutions because well I don't think anyone wants to hear about how I don't work out enough or how I need to read more. Instead I will bore you with more photos because I know that is really what you come here to see.. =)

Anyways here are some funnions below!

And now on to the goodies!!
Yesterday Josh had an engagement shoot that he rocked, so I decided to give a little teaser of my shots till a later time. I am chomping at the bit to put these up so I guess this will have to suffice. Enjoy it because there are more coming!

Oh No Oh No.. Yup!!

See yu soon..


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